Introducing ElectUK

Track, analyse and visualise Twitter conversations about the 2015 UK General Election.

Designed, built and delivered by Tata Consultancy Services, ElectUK has been created to engage voters, their representatives and political commentators by turning their smartphone into a Big Data social media analytics tool, giving you the ability to track analyse and visualise Twitter conversations about the UK General Election.


The ElectUK app analyses Twitter updates from, and mentions about, more than two thousand MP candidates from across the UK, allowing users to:

  • Access a regularly updated ranking of the UK’s most talked about politicians and parties
  • Monitor and compare positive and negative sentiment about both individuals and parties
  • Identify the most talked about political issues, and the parties and politicians most closely associated with them
  • See where in the UK tweets originate from. Users can compare the geographic breakdown by party and track positive and negative mentions by location.

ElectUK: Key features

  • Politicians
  • Parties
  • Topics
  • Favourite
  • Tweetmap
  • Compare
  • Association
See which politicians are trending from the 70 most commonly known in the UK. Use the advanced search to find a politician who is not within the top 70 list.

Clicking onto any Party will show you all of the tweets about that particular party, and whether the the nature of them is positive, negative or neutral.
Visualise with ease which topics are being mentioned most frequently on Twitter regarding the election. The percentage shows how much of the Twitter conversation is about that topic.
Add and track your favourite politicians. You can see whether the tweets about them are positive, negative or neutral, plus how many tweets there have been about them.
Select a party to see the positive, negative and neutral tweets associated with them, you can also select two parties to compare the volume of tweets associated with each one.
Tap the graph to see which topics were most commonly mentioned with these politicians at that particular time.
View a live map of the UK showing tweets from the public, commentators and politicians which mention a key election topic, party or politician. Tweets are displayed in real time.
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