Tata Consultancy Services Community Innovation Pro Bono Program

At Tata we believe that technology has the potential to change the way the not-for-profit sector delivers services to the community and advocates for change. By empowering the not-for-profit sector and social enterprises with world leading technology solutions we believe Tata can assist to build the sector’s organisational capability and capacity to create greater social and environmental impact.

The annual TCS Community Innovation Program delivers in-kind TCS services valued collectively at more than $1 million (AUD), in areas such as application and website development, IT consulting and technology optimisation.

2017 partnerships

We are pleased to announce partnerships with 12 not-for-profit organisations in Australia as part of the Community Innovation Program 2017:

• Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation
• Camp Quality
• Congress of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nurses and Midwives 
• First Australians Capital
• Heart of Foundation of Victoria
• Hello Sunday Morning
• Indigenous Marathon Foundation
• Kaiela Institute, Shepparton
• Motor Neurone Disease Australia
• National Children’s and Youth Law Centre
• The Smith Family
• State Library of NSW Foundation

“Technology can play an enormous role in helping to address health, social, and environmental challenges. Enabling not-for-profits to leverage our global IT expertise will make a tangible and measurable difference to these organisations, their clients and the Australian community.”

Anil Snehi, Vice President of TCS Australia and New Zealand

Community Innovation Launch Sydney 2017. From Left: Ben Wilheim, Remember September, Prabal Chatterjee, TCS, Karen Iles, TCS, Julian Martin, Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, Patrick McCall, Woolworths, Neville Roach, TCS, Veera Moorthy, TCS, Lauren Black, TCS. 

Applications now closed

Community Innovation Program: 

Delivering pro bono IT services to Australian and New Zealand not-for-profits and social enterprises