Want to step up your STEM skills remotely? GoIT Online is here to help 

Engaging students to work towards solving real-world problems by bringing Science Technology Engineering mathematics (STEM) to life is the theory behind GoIT Online

More useful now than ever, it’s an engaging program that delivers STEM learning through a Design Thinking framework via their laptops from home. The purpose of the program is to encourage Year 7-8 students to draw upon the skills of tomorrow to find helpful solutions to complicated problems.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is using technology and design thinking to make STEM easy to access anywhere, anytime. It gives students a sense of STEM’s relevance in their everyday lives through a hands-on, interactive experience that builds their problem-solving skills and creativity.

Encouraging students to pursue STEM careers is essential to the growth of Australia and New Zealand, as it prepares our workforce and economies for the fast-paced digital future. Learning science, technology, engineering and mathematics can be challenging, but we understand that keeping the content fun helps students to feel inspired and wanting to learn more.

We need to help students feel that STEM is available to them. As students begin to move to online learning portals they need, now more than ever, the support and encouragement to learn through simple, interactive programs, such as GoIT Online.

What skills do our new STEM innovators need for the future?

It’s clear we need more STEM innovators to drive tomorrow’s scientific breakthroughs and technological change. But these new STEM experts need the right tools and mindsets to be able to innovate.

STEM challenges us to think in different ways including critically, analytically and flexibly when working through potential solutions to complex problems.

STEM also challenges us to be imaginative and creative when proposing alternatives and embracing risk in testing their viability.

What are some of the other skills that will ensure our workforce is STEM-ready?

Strong innovators need emotional intelligence to understand how digital can address society's needs. We need individuals who can communicate and collaborate well, encouraging each other to explore new ideas and support each other as we put those new concepts to the test.

STEM innovators of the future also need negotiation skills and decision-making capabilities. They need to understand how to manage people and processes to bring new projects to life. That means working out the best course of action, bringing the right people together to achieve it and putting a plan into action to make it a reality.

TCS’s GoIT Online Program: The 4 stages of Design Thinking

Empathise & Define

Firstly, students can select any real-world problem in their school, community or the world that they can work through to solve. They realise how to empathise and understand the human and community needs that surround the problem, developing their emotional intelligence and ability to overcome challenges by thinking positively about how those needs can be met.

They then define and reframe the problem to focus on outcomes for these needs. This requires students to use observation, reasoning and analytical skills to build a problem statement, organise their research and assess what requirements are needed.


Next comes the exciting ideation phase where students get their creative juices flowing to brainstorm a range of alternative solutions. Students learn to collaborate, think outside the box and accept each other’s ideas no matter how far out they might be.


The third stage is analysing or assessing the feasibility of these potential solutions through prototyping. This is where students get technical and pick up the tools to explore what works and doesn’t work through processes of investigation and examination.


Finally, we test the solution by engaging students in developing the ultimate model/solution. They own the innovative solution, having made sense of how it’s achieved, developing insights and learning through the use of the Design Thinking framework.

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