The biggest questions need the boldest answers

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across every sector have been disrupted in many ways. As the situation develops and businesses seek out ways to respond, acclimatise and even thrive, technology is playing a major role. As a global leader in digital transformation and tech for good, TCS is actively seeking out ways to help our people, clients, networks and communities. With our scale, expertise and global connections, we are perfectly placed to drive and lead the conversation about ways to move forward with efficiency and optimism.

How can data  better financial lives?
Adam Spencer talks to Steve Weston, Founder & CEO at Voltbank

What acts of resilience do you see around?
Adam Spencer talks to Anne Templeman - Jones , Non-Executive Director at CBA

How can we preserve our planet?
Adam Spencer catches up with Ilan Oshri , Professor at Auckland University

Autonomy in the Resources sector
Saptarshi Dasgupta, Head of Energy and Resources at TCS ANZ answers key questions

Will technology lead to healthier lives?
Adam Spencer questions Christian Bennett, Group Head of Reputation at Woolworths

How to juggle strategy with operations
Sumit Vij, Business Process Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services ANZ discusses

How do we work better as a community?
Adam Spencer catched up with Peter Varghese, AO, Chancellor, University of Queensland

The future of our healthcare industry
Debajyoti Das, Client Partner, Healthcare, TCS ANZ explains

Impact of COVID-19 on business and charity
Adam Spencer talks to Belinda Hutchinson, AC, Chancellor, University of Sydney

Re-imagining your business in a pandemic
Benjamin Baader, Design Thinking Practice Lead at TCS ANZ explains

What role has technology played?
Adam Spencer with Vikram Singh, Country Head of TCS Australia and New Zealand