Stand up, reach out, be strong!

Social distancing is challenging. But by reconnecting to our individual purpose and using our key strengths we can stay resilient in making the adjustments we all need to make to keep vulnerable people in our community safe.

Put purpose at the centre

We’re all uniting to help stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) by social distancing. The changes might make you feel less certain about who you are and how to approach your life and work. Reconnecting with your purpose can help you stay focused and positive, and empower you to help others to adjust to our new environment.

Be clear about your purpose and strengths

Our purpose is the key to navigating the new and complex world around us. Being clear about your purpose and courageous enough to live it, is what makes us all leaders, no matter who you are. It’s about how you do what you do and the way you use your strengths to realise it.

This is true of everything you want to achieve, whether it’s your career or personal life. But it’s especially important today, as we plan how we approach things throughout the pandemic and explore ways we can help others.

So, how can I define my purpose?

Your purpose requires you to delve into the essence of who you are. It’s the source of your passion and what energises you. It’s the reason you set goals and pursue them.

The first step is to explore yourself. What are your values? What makes you happiest? What are your passions?

The next step is to articulate your own unique purpose-driven statement. This is what empowers you as a leader! Be excited by what it represents and where it can take you.

The final step is to create a plan, this is your call to action to achieve your purpose. Start by listing your broader aspirations and beneath them, set shorter-term goals that will help you accomplish them.

Tapping into your strengths

What creates great leaders is your perception of what can be achieved. To be a leader all you need to do is understand the value you bring, recognise the strengths of others and how you all can come together to make whatever it is you want to achieve, happen.

Take a moment to pause and reflect on what your strengths are, write them down, in language that’s meaningful to you.

If you’re having trouble working your strengths out, think about the sorts of tasks that absorb you so much that time flies when you’re doing them.

Act on your strengths as a team

Everyone can use their strengths to take a leadership role in a team. It’s about how you use your strengths and support others and your team as a whole to excel. 

Improve the way your team makes use of your strengths and those of others by making everyone’s strengths part of your planning. 

What are the key strengths of your team? Create a chart that maps everyone’s strengths and post it somewhere where everyone can see it. 

Apply individual strengths to your team’s overall goals by giving people tasks and projects that enliven them, and help your colleagues align their strengths to the responsibilities of their roles.

Follow the 4 paths to happiness

People are happier and more productive when we’re committed to realising our purpose and unlocking our strengths.

By following these 4 steps we can realise our true happiness: follow your passion, stay hungry, commit to lifelong learning and thrive together.

Follow your passion

Do things you enjoy because this is what energises you and keeps you more engaged and feeling positive and confident.

When you’re doing what you love, your wellbeing and performance are always at their peak.

Commit to lifelong learning

Live your purpose by building on your strengths through learning and development. Don’t be afraid to try new things and apply your skills in different ways. Why not try coding, or a new application, learn a language or even painting.

Stay hungry

Our drive towards self-improvement is what keeps us creative and innovative. Dedicate time and practice to building your strengths and skills. Explore new and different ways you can apply them.

This can broaden your purpose and be a source of inspiration for the future.

Thrive together

You accomplish your best at work, when you use your strengths and live your purpose. Staying connected and working together is the best way to achieve your aspirations and our shared goals.

We’re all in this together, and that makes us all leaders!