Future Leaders at TCS Summit

Supporting tomorrow’s leaders, today

Future Leaders at TCS Summit aims to encourage next generation talent in technology to form their own networks, keep abreast of industry trends and link their day to day work with a sustainable purpose. The aim of this program is to ensure these professionals are nurtured, challenged and collaborate on the latest technology and business trends. Delegates are identified as high performers who are passionate about harnessing the power of digital technologies to create a fairer, more inclusive society.

It’s a cutting edge showcase of the latest technology designed for promising personnel.

 “A great opportunity to hear from world class experts in technology and to meet, connect, and network with like-minded individuals who will collectively play key roles in shaping our future.” - TCS Client

“The icing on the cake for me was the charity challenge. The way our table came together to solve real problems being faced by charities was truly inspiring!” - TCS Client

Highlights from the 2019 Future Leaders at TCS Summit:

Highlights from the 2018 Future Leaders at TCS Summit:

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