Driving Change – Executing Tomorrow’s Digital Agenda

Digital technology and agile are transforming organisations, giving rise to a generational shift in the way we work and driving companies towards a more intimate customer-focus in their innovation of products and services. 

At the cutting edge of change is Biswa Misra, Group Chief Technology and Operations Officer, AIA, Catriona Wallace, Founder & Executive Director, Flamingo AI and K. Ananth Krishnan, Executive VP & CTO, Tata Consultancy Services who came together at TCS Asia Pacific Summit 2019 to talk about the opportunities arising from digital disruption and ways organisations can prepare for new growth possibilities ahead.

Ananth started by asking the panel what their future agenda had in store. What’s possible?

Proactively looking after your customers

Biswa Misra, Group Chief Technology and Operations Officer, AIA said organisations had to look at ways of increasing their relevance to customers in an environment in which digital is at the centre stage of consumerism. Consumers these days are leading a “digital way of life” so succeeding with digital transformation is not optional - it’s a business strategy that focuses on digital as a key enabler, Biswa said.  AIA has partnered a multitude of players in its ecosystem, including non-traditional collaborators as diverse as gyms to airlines, healthy food and telecommunications companies, in a transformation of its business model that is helping its customers improve their health and wellness. AIA’s sophisticated platform is enabling it to harness data to understand client needs better and tailor products and services to provide solutions. “Our focus is always on our customers,” Biswa said.  Organisations have to harvest the power of their ecosystems in innovative ways. “Never to be constrained but to look at the purpose of what you’re trying to do,” he said. "It could come from startups, tech companies or competitors.”

AI helping organisations to power ahead

Ananth drilled down asking Catriona how is technology likely to be humanised going forward?
Flamingo AI is an Australian-grown startup using unique and powerful machine-based Artificial Intelligence solutions to empower employees in a diverse range of industries including finance and insurance. Catriona, Flamingo AI’s Founder and Executive Director, opens our minds up to the realm of opportunities arising from human plus machine collaboration.  “We provide a machine that learns the tacit and tribal knowledge of an organisation and put it in human assistance mode where the robot works with humans together,” Catriona said. “An organisational chart that has human workers, human assisted, machine assisted or virtual assisted workers, and digital workers is a big way forward,” Catriona said. “We help clients think about what AI will do and how humans working with machines will change their world.”

Catriona said 'collaboration' is key to innovation and inventing new things.

Companies are embracing digital not just to gain a competitive advantage but also to find ways to innovate more effectively. This involves a collaboration agenda. Building a bridge between organisations and encouraging ecosystems to flourish is critical, Ananth said. “An important focus for TCS is supporting startups to get more involved and play a bigger part,” he said.