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Business 4.0

By adopting 8 key digital technologies your business can adapt to today’s unique operating environment and even find new opportunities. Read more

Recent events have thrown light on just how crucial robust cyber security measures are to the safety of your valuable business assets. Adopting a model that puts a robust structure at the core of your security program is critical. Read more

Businesses, governments and individuals have ability to change the trajectory of our future by embedding resilience into our business models, says Ramesh Raghavan, Tata Consultancy Services, Partner Strategy & Transformation, Australia and New Zealand. Read more

Gone are the days where technology and business lived in separate worlds. The lines dividing them are not only blurred but probably non-existent. This has thrown existential challenges to enterprises in the form of lack of responsiveness to competition, cost transparency, risks and partial insights for business-critical decisions. Read more

The new role of CIOs in a Business 4.0™ world
The role of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) has evolved well beyond the scope of managing information technology and strategy. These new super-charged chief innovation officers are powered up to lead digital innovation in today’s Business 4.0™ world. Read more

Transformation is no more a choice; it’s a must! 5 top tech trends changing home lending
New digital technology is rapidly changing how we borrow money, with the ability to compare and choose loans at the click of a button, any time of day. For lenders to keep up in a constantly evolving environment they must choose transformation, says Karthik Kumar, Global Head Mortgage Practice, Tata Consultancy Services. Read more

Building companies that disrupt themselves
Disruption goes hand in hand with technology. But it isn’t just about market competition. It’s about looking internally to change behaviours and empower staff to innovate and embrace risk. Read more

Leveraging ecosystems – partnering inside and outside for success
The TCS Summit Asia Pacific 2019 brought together an eminent panel of transformation agents to explore how the Business 4.0™ concept of leveraging ecosystems has driven success for their organisations. Read more

Driving change – executing tomorrow’s digital agenda
Digital technology and agile are transforming organisations, giving rise to a generational shift in the way we work and driving companies towards a more intimate customer-focus in their innovation of products and services. Read more

Mastering Business 4.0™: harnessing abundance & ecosystems
How TCS’s thought leadership framework called Business 4.0™ is empowering companies to exploit new value opportunities using disruptive technologies. Read more

Reenergising AGL’s leadership of the Australian energy market
Partnering with TCS and adopting a Business 4.0 approach has helped AGL achieve a total transformation with multiple digital initiatives enabling it to introduce new channels and business models. Read more

TCS Summit Asia Pacific 2019: “Mastering Business 4.0™: harnessing abundance and ecosystems” - live blog
Bringing together some of APAC’s highest achievers and industry leaders to talk about how Business 4.0 is changing the business landscape down-under. Read more

TCS guiding your journey to transformation
Technology-driven innovation is empowering more Australian businesses to propel onto the global stage and become best in class leaders. Read more

Leadership with trust by N Chandra
The primary purpose of business should be to add value to the world we live in, earn the trust of the society and, in turn, the social license to exist and grow. Read more

Re-imagining the banking experience
Renjan Lookose, Head of the Emerging Tech team at TCS Australia explains how one of our new products - TCS Conversa - could revolutionise how Australians carry out their banking interactions. Read more

Australian life insurer undergoes top-to-bottom transition with TCS BaNCS at the center
Colin Sword, head of Financial Solutions at TCS Australia, explains how MLC Life Insurance is rebuilding its entire technology ecosystem from the ground up, replacing all legacy solutions with TCS BaNCS as the insurer’s primary Policy Administration System. Read more

How digital technology is changing the way we serve patients by TCS’ Bernie Maher
Here Bernie Maher, Head of Business Development, Healthcare, Life Sciences and Health Insurance at TCS shares his key learnings and insights from the forum and his panel discussion Commanding change: Bringing leadership into the digital age. Read more

Global connections, making digital dreams a reality
The cross-cultural way Australian university students are experiencing the future of business. Read more

Align, collaborate and co-create: six tips for creating an agile ready business with TCS’ Umesh Kumar
6 tips for creating an agile-ready business with TCS' Umesh Kumar. Read more

Business 4.0 in action
Asia Pacific’s leading business leaders on the 4 key drivers behind their digital transformation journeys. Read more

The future is now
How TCS is harnessing the power of emerging technologies to deliver digital transformation and Business 4.0. Read more