Inner wellbeing in the digital age

Wellbeing is often discussed but rarely understood. We talk so much about connectivity, about the benefits of working within an ecosystem and about the digital revolution. But what role can technology play in harnessing the power of wellbeing to aid not only connection with others but a deeper connection with our own sense of self? How do we create happier people who are in touch with their inner wellbeing?

Speaking at TCS Summit Asia Pacific 2018, supermodel and wellness ambassador, Rachel Hunter addressed a crowd of high-level executives, asking them to think about the duality of a super tech-enabled life.

“How do we operate in this world with technology as well as really keeping a deep sense of own humanity, our own intelligence?” she says.

Following a series of relationship hurdles and medical issues that almost left her paralysed, Hunter had to slow down and reflect on how to restore her sense of self to a position of more mindfulness.

It’s a struggle that many of us are familiar with.

There is no denying that switching off in order to replenish our inner reserves gives us the creative energy and resilience we need to face a connected world.

“If our phone battery is running low we search for the nearest charger so why do we wait for our own energy levels to run out before we recharge our own bodies?” Hunter said.

Hunter mentions travel, often to remote or indigenous communities, as a way to connect with her own personal wellness journey.

Kelly Ryan, TCS ANZ Head of Marketing & Communications, mentions four pillars of wellbeing: mental and spiritual, environment, physical and purpose. “At TCS, wellbeing is part of our DNA. It guides how we interact with our customers, employees and is core to our business strategy.”

There are plenty of small ways to practice mindfulness. Taking a few moments each day to ‘disconnect so that we can reconnect’ can help us focus on the human in an increasingly digital world.

Here are four ways you can take a few moments each day to focus inwards:

  1. Why not start walking meetings with your team or walk or run to work (and don’t take your phone out of your bag)
  2. Take a mindful shower. Breathe, think about nothing but the water.
  3. Stay off social media for a full twenty-four hours
  4. Download one or two guided meditation apps (even if it’s just about breathing)

Coming back to centre allows us to then see how technology can help us in our connection to self, others and to humanity - aiding our journeys to mindfulness.

This blog is based on a keynote presentation from TCS Asia Pacific Summit 2018. Now in its thirteenth year, TCS Summit Asia Pacific is a part of a global series of TCS Summits held annually from Europe to the Americas. Follow the conversation at #TCSSummit.