Wake-up to a better Sunday

How TCS has partnered with Hello Sunday Morning to help Aussies rethink their relationship with alcohol through technology

Each year TCS partners with not-for-profits, social enterprises and community bodies to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians as a part of our Community Innovation Program. The program seeks to allocate $1 million per year of in-kind digital services and solutions to charities working, across industries, for the greater good. One of our partners for 2018 is wellness movement Hello Sunday Morning whose mission is to get Australians to rethink their relationship with alcohol by providing a digital support network.

It is no secret that across the nation, Australians love to share a drink or two. But when this casual drink crosses the line into routine binge-drinking and impacting the health of our citizens, it’s time to recognise that we as a country need to address the underlying cultural causes.

So how did TCS partner with HSM to help them achieve their goals?

Maximising existing technology to extend our reach

We partnered with Hello Sunday Morning to build a browser- based version of their already-successful Daybreak smartphone app for iPhone and Android.

Where we came from

Since 2010 the Hello Sunday Morning team has grown to create the largest online movement for alcohol behaviour change in the world using the first iteration of the Daybreak app for iPhone and Android.

Of that community, around 15% of leads were failing to register to the Daybreak program due to it being mobile only. This lack of web-presence was limiting the scope and reach of the Hello Sunday Morning as well as their ability to support those in need. That drop off represented over 100 people per week, so for TCS the core objective was to leverage the existing functionality within the iOS/Android app and build a browser based application that would allow HSM to extend their reach to those dropping off.

How does Daybreak work?

The web app acts as a digital support network where Australians can access a welcoming and encouraging community of others in the same process of addressing their relationship with Alcohol. The app also features, habit-change experiments, designed to provide users with the tools they need to take control, and a one-on-one chat functionality with health coaches who guide users on a journey to overall wellness.

Overcoming challenges

Working in partnership with HSM, and their development partners digital consultancy ThePlant we determined how to leverage the backend API to suit our requirements. The TCS development team utilised multiple ‘out-of-the-box’ tools to create a workflow easily visible to the broad mix of stakeholders and involved:

  1. Developing and maintaining the code through a repository on GitHub.
  2. Listing out and discussing user stories and epics for the web application were using Confluence.
  3. Serving and understanding the user flow on each screen of the mobile using the developer-designer collaborative platform Zeplin.
  4. The platform served as a wiki to provide a broad overview of the agile process taking place.

The main obstacle in the development of the Daybreak web application was to utilise their backend technology and framework to adapt their mobile design to the web which we have successfully overcome.

The project was delivered before the scheduled completion with the launch of web Application in last week of March.

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