The Eight Steps to Happiness at Work

Fun, inspired and excited. That’s how you want to feel when you come to work each day. More than that, you want to feel valued and know that our contribution is important and part of a bigger picture. So, what is the key to a happy, healthy and inclusive workplace? We sat down with one of Australia’s top employers for eight years, Tata Consultancy Services Head of Human Resources, Australia and New Zealand, Prabal Chatterjee to get his views and tips on why TCS has again been recognised by the Top Employer Institute.

1. Show your appreciation

We all want to feel valued in our workplace. When you feel appreciated, you perform better. Valuing your team should be at the top of the list.

Employees are the driving force behind your success. It’s important to treat your employees like people. Recognise the work they do and let them know you appreciate them on a regular basis.

Connecting recognition and rewards to achieving company goals and values promotes teamwork and incentivises people to contribute more and excel.

2. Listening is part of your work ethic

What makes people smile when they walk in the door is an open and accepting culture where everyone listens and everyone is heard.

Feedback should be an ongoing conversation and part of your everyday work. Relationships between employees and managers must be based on trust and transparency.

One thing that TCS takes very seriously is listening.

And feedback isn’t a one way street. TCS encourages employees to help their managers manage better by giving them regular feedback as well.

Our annual listening survey PULSE gives our employees a special opportunity to rate their satisfaction levels across all aspects of the business.

We involve all our staff in improving the workplace by bringing them together in teams to develop improvement plans and make them a reality.

Sometimes there are topics or issues of particular interest to the organisation and to our employees. Again, it’s our employees who lead the way. We form focus groups to come up with ideas, implement them and monitor the outcomes.

3. Share responsibility for your workplace

Empowering your employees means putting them in charge of how your workplace is run. That includes developing important documents such as your policies. People are more willing to cooperate when they’ve had input.

Promoting a diverse workforce has the added benefit of bringing multi-dimensional perspectives that make policies not only more rigorous but also culturally sensitive.

TCS’s Australia and New Zealand’s new time in lieu policy is just one example of how managers and employees at TCS come together to design and implement an important new workplace policy.

Our digitized rostering system similarly brought about a reliable and user friendly outcome because everybody was involved in its development.

4. Continuous improvement is your mindset

Continuous improvement is important to encourage creativity and new ideas. It has to be part of every team and not just the responsibility of one department.

The best way to approach continuous improvement is from the bottom up. Engage your staff in spotting opportunities, coming up with solutions and implementing improvements.

To make continuous improvement processes easier and faster, TCS introduced a new system that enables everyone to provide feedback.

Whether its micro-initiatives to big changes, all TCS’s staff are empowered to make suggestions and be involved in driving better capabilities.

Continuous improvement is now dynamic with managers and employees working together to take immediate, proactive steps.

5. Providing opportunities that excite people

The office is much more than just a workplace. It’s a vibrant environment that inspires people to achieve their best, be enthusiastic and committed to making an impact. Providing ongoing training and education is an interactive way of bringing people together while building the organisation’s capabilities at the same time.

Promoting a culture of ongoing education and skills development means giving everyone an opportunity to take the time for further learning and training.

At TCS we have introduced a state-of-the-art customised learning platform that gives everyone an opportunity to strengthen their capabilities through ongoing certified training and education.

Employees at TCS can choose how, when and where they learn with a range of different classroom sessions and options through a fully functional online learning portal.

Whether it’s next generation technology or skills in areas such as problem solving, agile and creative thinking, the latest research and techniques is at our fingertips.

6. Helping you achieve your ambitions

When employees don’t feel supported in achieving their career goals they become disengaged and unproductive and ultimately they are likely to want to leave.

Helping employees take steps towards making their ambitions a reality increases their happiness and job satisfaction.

Taking a temperature check with your employees, finding out what their interests are helps to identify growth opportunities. For example, some people might want more responsibility and eventually a leadership role, others want to explore different functions or have diverse skills that could be applied in different capacities.

At TCS we work with our employees to devise customised career plans. It’s not something that comes up only during performance reviews but is a regular conversation.

We put a lot into mentoring because we recognise that strong relationships between junior and more experienced employees increases innovativeness.

We also know that more and more young people are enticed to join TCS’s graduate program, by first coming into contact with TCS throughout their earlier education.

Our programs such as the GoIT Challenge and GoIT Girls for school aged and university students encourage the take up of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are helping to create a more diverse workforce.

7. A workplace that values you for you

Celebrate diversity in your workplace and value people for their unique qualities. Recognising the diverse range of skills, knowledge, experience and abilities that different employees bring, gives everyone a sense of belonging. This drives productivity and promotes a harmonious culture.

It’s important that managers lead by example when it comes to creating a positive and inclusive workplace where everyone feels welcome.

TCS’s ethos of dignity and respect for all means we value everyone, irrespective of your age, gender, culture or worldview.

This is reinforced through regular workshops and online learning programs including Culture Shots that promote a greater understanding about different cultures around the world. Our workshops on working across cultures for associates also help local recruits adapt to our highly diversified environment and expats to adjust to their new home.

8. Working together to build better communities

Employees today want to work for organisations that are helping communities by creating better social, economic, health and education outcomes.

When employees are aligned with the values of the company they work for, they are more engaged, happier and in tune with the organisation’s vision of the future.
People actively promote their employer when they are especially proud of what they achieve together.

At TCS, creating a positive social impact is the very fabric of our founding philosophy. It is the centre of our business model and inspires all our goals and achievements.

People working with us feel proud because the work we do goes directly to supporting TCS’s philanthropic efforts.

Together we are addressing some of the Australia’s most urgent needs including helping people in disadvantaged Indigenous communities.

Working at TCS, you don’t just contribute to building a top technology and business consulting organisation, you help to make the world a better place.

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