How can rapid cloud migration fast-track digital transformation?

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Parag Patki, Managing Partner, Consulting & Services Integration, Australia & New Zealand, answers key questions company leaders are asking about how to navigate the “perfect storm” of today’s business environment. 

Posted: May 2020

Outside the window of his Sydney home, Parag Patki has a view of the endless clouds in the stillness of an overcast Autumn day. In the new normal of his remote workspace, the Head of Global Consulting for Tata Consultancy Services Australia and New Zealand is responding to clients’ questions across a variety of sectors about a different cloud.

Here Parag sheds light on why rapid cloud migration is more critical than ever in helping companies navigate through what he calls the “perfect storm” of today’s business environment.

Your blueprint for action: Solve the now, Prepare for what’s next, and Imagine the beyond

Today’s new normal is a “perfect storm” for companies to fast-track their digital transformation agenda to respond to today’s rapidly evolving environment.  Business agility is a key driver of this transformation.  And that’s why re-visiting your cloud capabilities should be at the centre of your strategy to Solve the now, Prepare for what’s next, and Imagine the beyond.

Solve the now

Companies that are thriving today are ones that have given their digital transformation strategy priority. To do this, they’ve shifted their focus from “how can we use the cloud as part of our strategy?” to “the cloud is at the centre of our overall transformation strategy”.

While many companies are using the cloud as Infrastructure-as-a-Service and have moved their apps over, it’s not enough to tap into the cloud’s enormous capabilities. The most successful companies have established their whole cloud migration Factory – staff, tools and processes – over with optimum support to make the transition smooth. This is giving them the advantage of using the full power of cloud when it comes to accessibility to flexibility and scalability.

Prepare for what’s next

Companies that haven’t taken a rapid cloud migration will be finding it hard to adjust and they must act fast to stay in the game. The ones that have, are already are preparing for what’s next. These companies are thriving with the ability to adapt their business models and build resilience into their operations. They’ve harnessed the cloud’s true power when it comes to business continuity with individuals and teams easily switching to remote working, safely accessing and collaborating on necessary information and applications from any location on any device. Instead of being absorbed by the challenges of today, they’re using the cloud to plan their next wave of innovation in response to changing market conditions and customer needs.

Imagine the beyond

The cloud empowers companies to be agile and innovate for the future. CxOs who are at this stage are asking “what’s my company’s position in market of tomorrow? and “what will our new ecosystem look like?”. Importantly, these companies are collaborating with their ecosystems and investing into research and development to repurpose their business model to align with what we imagine is beyond.

The cloud is energising their ability to embrace risk to test ideas and foresee how the market will respond to new product and service offerings. Getting it right means asking the right questions. The answers to these Big Questions will help you make the most of your rapid cloud migration journey.

Q: How can the cloud help to fast-track my company’s digital transformation?

One thing holding many businesses back is legacy infrastructures that are hampering the adoption of new models and practices to meet the changing needs of customers. Businesses need to be nimble in decision-making and agile in taking action to thrive in this environment.

The cloud provides a robust infrastructure, freeing you up from cost-intensive inefficiencies of centralised data centres. It future-proofs your operations with inbuilt tolerance to faults and the ability to self-correct. Not only that, it enables you to ramp up your capabilities with fully integrated and centralized global management and monitoring mechanisms.

‘5 R’ treatment to application workloads comprising of migration (re-host, re-platform, re-factor) and Modernisation (re-architect, replace) are pathways to fast track digital transformation apart from retain or retire. 

Q: Will rapid cloud migration and adoption disrupt my operations?

The cloud’s modern architecture gives businesses stability and flexibility enabling you to manage operations, staff, supply chains and finance from anywhere and with minimal disruption. Your employees are free to solve real-world problems with standardisation and automation taking care of processes. While Software as a Service or SaaS gives businesses a ready capability, Platform as a Service or PaaS gives developers greater speed, flexibility and agility to the development process. The disruptions to operations is a function of ability to adopt to standard way of working (SaaS) without customisation.

Q: I need to scale up to respond to new demand, can rapid cloud migration help?

Many businesses today are scaling up to respond to increased need for products and services by consumers. Other companies are embracing risk by shifting to new projects or campaigns. Some businesses are scaling down or slowing their growth altogether as they seek to reconnect with their purpose and reimagine their way forward. A key advantage of the cloud is that it gives you the power to ramp up or down operations and workloads at a short notice.

When it comes to scaling down, you have clear visibility over what resources and tools can be easily pivoted to other uses or decelerated to increase efficiencies. It also gives you the ability to test “what if” scenarios easily before making them real.

Q: How can the cloud help to empower my team to drive my digital transformation strategy?

Your employees are perhaps the biggest part of the picture when it comes to effectively executing your transformation strategy. cloud provides the platform for businesses to re-imagine the business models and processes, pilot the idea, fail fast and learn fast at affordable costs. This capability empowers the team to Think Big, Start small and Scale fast.

Happier workers are, of course, more productive. The cloud enabled collaborations systems also makes it easier for your teams to connect, collaborate and communicate continuously.

Q: What haven’t I thought of about the broader impact on my business?

The business dynamics of roles within your organisation may change. Some people may have different jobs as new ways of working become necessary. This will impact on Human Resources departments which will need to take a lead in executing your agenda to multi-skill your workforce. What once was under a “vertical” structure of teams grouped by subject matter expertise can now be expected to require multi-skilling to acquire knowledge and skills in adjacent areas.

One of the key benefits of a good cloud footprint is that as part of the digital transformation it can free up people and time to do things that matter most.

Q: Security is an important concern, won’t the cloud increase risk?

A Zero Trust approach to data security is the best way to reduce risks and protect your business’s valuable assets in today’s sensitive environment. The cloud gives you a security framework with enhanced features for detecting and preventing data breaches and safeguarding sensitive information including client data as well as transactions.  It’s a flexible solution that can be easily scaled to avoid crashes in response to high traffic volumes and importantly enables you to better manage and maintain compliance and regulation functions when it comes to finance and data security.

Q: What are the benefits of TCS’s approach?

Our current environment is perhaps the biggest test many businesses will ever face. rapid cloud migration enables you to radically transform your business to rise to the challenges of today, while safely and reliably scaling your operations to reach new horizons. TCS has specialised experts across all sectors who understand your company’s challenges and empathises with your customer’s needs. Our rapid cloud migration solutions are customised to address your company’s specific needs while our powerful accelerators deploy your entire cloud migration Factory in weeks rather than months.

We also leverage the power of our ecosystem called the Co-Innovation Network™ (COIN™) to bring together a huge network of top-tier technology partners and nimble startups to deliver the latest industry-specific breakthrough solutions. This ensures we can immediately deploy the best approach to help your organisation: Solve the now, Prepare for what’s next, and Imagine the beyond.