1. What is the support that we would get from TCS for implementing this new CSBS course and for how long?

TCS provides support in organizing FDP on course subjects and Expert lecture sessions to students for few selected subjects. This will be provided for the duration of MoU and the batches mentioned there in and can be renewed on mutual agreement  

  1. What is the minimum batch strength to start the course? Can this strength be taken from any of the existing courses offered by the college?

Per college, the maximum batch strength per section is 60. TCS does not specify any minimum batch strength and the decision is to be taken by the college.

For example, if your college currently has 2 sections for Computer Science, then one section can be offered with CSBS course or if there is only one section, you can altogether stop offering conventional Computer Science Course and migrate to offer CSBS course. The CSBS curriculum has been designed based on industry requirement, so we believe that students undergoing this course will be more employable and useful to the Indian IT industry.  

  1. Is the course structure provided flexible enough for colleges to design courses specific to their requirements or is it a rigid structure?

The course structure is built with the aim to impart certain knowledge and skillsets to the students and develop certain attitudes and behaviors among the students to make them successful in the era of Business 4.0. So any large-scale change is not expected. TCS will however review the course content with leading academicians and industry experts periodically and suggest changes as required. The college can only add/remove any topic(s) after discussion with TCS and after TCS’ approval. The conditions will be clearly spelt out in the MoU.  

  1. What are the advantages that I get by offering this course in my college?

You will be able to create more industry ready and employable engineers who can drive innovation and add value to the organization they work for as well as to the nation in the era of Business 4.0. You will get support (listed in question number 1 above) from TCS in running this course. Success of the students coming out of this program will reflect positively on your college and will improve the ranking of your college  

  1. Does TCS provide any software licenses or Lab establishment support or TCS Lab visits to support the curriculum requirements?

At the moment there is no plan for providing any software license/ lab establishment support.  

  1. What is the model for curriculum design? Will TCS provide complete curriculum with a total modular breakup of lectures, labs and assignments as per NBA guidelines or will TCS provide sample curriculum with details to be worked out by colleges? If college need to work out the details, will TCS participate in curriculum design meetings at college?

TCS will provide outline of the curriculum (topics to be covered) along with recommended books and reference books. The lecture wise details / session plans to be worked out by the college as per their norm. For some specific topics which are more industry focused, TCS may provide more detailed lesson plan. TCS normally does not participate in curriculum design meetings at the colleges but TCS can review the design and provide inputs.  

  1. Will TCS support in evaluation of test papers, at least for few specific courses?

The evaluation of the papers must be done by the college.  

  1. As part of Train the Trainer Program, what is the maximum number of faculty per course/subject that the college can nominate??

College can nominate maximum of 2 faculty members per course/ subject.  

  1. Can our faculty, who underwent the training program, do faculty internship in TCS to gain practical knowledge so that they can be more effective while delivering the course?

As on date, TCS does not offer any faculty internship. But for industry-oriented topics such as Cloud Computing etc., this can be explored later if needed.  

  1. Will TCS set the semester question papers for the exams?

No, college only will set the semester question paper as the degree will be awarded by them.  

  1. Are the students who take up CSBS course be eligible to do masters in overseas, especially in Computer Science area?

Yes, as the course has been approved by AICTE, there are no restriction for pursuing any higher studies.  

  1. Will TCS provide assessment model and sample question bank to evaluate student performance?

Normally TCS will not provide assessment model or sample question bank for most subjects. For few industry-oriented topics, this may be provided depending on the need.  

  1. Since this is a new course, what will be the employment opportunities for the students opting for this course?
This course is a blend of Computer Science and Management and covers many emerging topics in the field of computing. So TCS trust that students graduating from this course will have more demand in the market compared to conventional computer science course  
  1. Since this is a new course and faculty needs to get trained, will the faculty get additional compensation for teaching this course from TCS?

No, there will not be any additional financial support to the college or the faculty from TCS other than what has been mentioned in question number 1.  

  1. Does TCS provide internship for these students? If so, what is the eligibility criteria and do they get stipend?

TCS provides internships based on the projects available at that time for a minimum period of 8 weeks. TCS will conduct an assessment test followed by interview for selecting the candidates for the internship. Only eligible candidates (as per TCS Eligibility criteria) will be able to apply for this Internship program. These internships may or may not be with stipend.  

  1. Does TCS conduct special recruitment drive for these students? Will they get any differential package?

There is no recruitment commitment as of now as this will depend on the quality of the students as well as the requirement of TCS when the students graduate. The package will be decided at that point in time, based on market scenario. However, students performing well in the internship will naturally have an advantage in the recruitment process.  

  1. Who will issue the degree?

The degree will be provided by the respective university / deemed University / autonomous college as the case may be. If your college is affiliated to a university and that university is issuing the degree to your college students, then degree for the CSBS course will also be awarded by the same university.  

  1. What will be the fees for the course?

Course fees will be decided by the college. Ideally, the fees should be same as other engineering courses offered by the college.  

  1. Is this course a self-financing course? 

This is not a self-financing course and is like any other regular engineering course. The only difference being this course is designed by TCS and approved by AICTE.

  1. Can you please share the curriculum (for 4 years) for CSBS course?

CSBS curriculum is attached herewith. 


  1. Can you please share the syllabus for CSBS course?

Syllabus for first and second semesters of CSBS course for 2020-21 academic year is attached herewith. There may be slight changes to the syllabus for first and second semesters of CSBS course for 2021-22 academic year. 


  1. Is CSBS course available in AICTE nomenclature?

Yes. The CSBS Course nomenclature is available in AICTE website. It is mentioned in serial number 61 of page number 132 of Approval process handbook available in the AICTE website. A snapshot of the page is provided here with.

AICTE website: https://www.aicte-india.org/bureaus/approval/ap_2020-21 - Important Links  Approval Process Handbook- (Corrigendum)  

  1. What is TCS’ marketing plan for CSBS course?

The microsite for this course is currently available in TCS’ website at the URL mentioned below, which carries all the required inputs about the course.


  1. AICTE model curriculum says the UG course has to be only 160 credits, whereas the proposed CSBS course is 180+ credits. Can we consider making this course to 160 credits before offering it to our students? Can the 8th semester be only project work and no theory papers?

College can choose one of the following four versions for implementation:

  • Ver 0: 180 credits with course work in all 8 semesters
  • Ver 1: 180 credits with course work in first 7 semesters only
  • Ver 2: 160 credits with course work in all 8 semesters
  • Ver 3: 160 credits with course work in first 7 semesters only
  1. Is it possible to change the number of subjects / labs?

There is flexibility, but the course is drafted to give a unique differentiation from among the other courses. Though the college can make 5 - 10% change starting from 3rd semester (1st year curriculum is frozen), this change is subjected to a mutual consent and approval by TCS.   

  1. The number of credits allotted for project as per CSBS curriculum is 8. But our college offers more credits for the project work. Can we change the credits for the project work of CSBS course?

AICTE has reviewed this and signed off the curriculum. Hence no large-scale changes can be made, but some fine-tuning of this (with TCS approval) can be considered.  

  1. The syllabus shared is abstract. Though we are willing to follow the syllabus, can we elaborate the syllabus??

Syllabus shared is at a high level and is more of an outline only. The elaborate content for each title will be shared at appropriate time. You can elaborate, but this must be signed off by TCS.  

  1. At our college, 8th semester is generally open elective. Can we replicate this for the CSBS course as well?

Please refer to Question number 24  

  1. Can we use the words "Industry Collaborated Programme with TCS” in our admission process, i.e. in our website / paper advertisement / digital advertisement?

It is fine to use TCS name but only after written approval from TCS.  

  1. Is NBA accreditation mandatory for the existing CS & IT course to start / implement CSBS course?

You can offer CSBS course without NBA accreditation if institute has at least one live NBA accredited engineering program. However, having NBA accreditation will help you to apply / get grant for research projects from government  

  1. Will college need additional infrastructure to start this course? Or they can use their existing infrastructure with some additional classroom(s) to start this course?

College need the same computing infrastructure as that of regular computer science program for CSBS as well. If the intake is increasing, then institute need to add computing infrastructure as well in addition to classrooms (increasing intake may need regulatory approval from AICTE / other bodies). In addition, college need to have video conferencing facility as some of the expert lectures given by TCS will be streamed instead of classroom lectures.  

  1. Affiliated colleges rely on the State University for approval. How to handle this?
Please initiate the CSBS course approval process with the university. If the process takes time, you can consider launching in the next academic year.  
  1. 1st year curriculum is common in most of the courses, but for this course, why is it different?

We have intentionally not kept the 1st year curriculum same, as we want this to be differentiated from the other CS courses.  

  1. Will there be any renewal cost for this course to be paid to the AICTE?

As per our knowledge there is no renewal cost, as this is another engineering course.  

  1. Will TCS provide any support to college in setting up the labs?

This is not part of the current plan.  

  1. Will the FDP be conducted yearly or semester wise?

The FDP would be done before every semester as per the current plan. 

  1. Can we have TCS iON login for Assignment Submission? We would like to recommend to have TCS iON Login for all students admitted for B.Tech (CSBS) course.

Yes, we can use TCS iON for assignment submission, but it will come with a cost. We request you to contact [email protected] to work out an attractive package for your students  

  1. Can we have TCS designated Coordinator to assess the Assignments online? 

TCS may do some selective assessment for topics, which have direct industry application. TCS assessment will not be used for determining CGPA / awarding degree to the students. So the assessment of the assignments for course needs to be done by the college faculty.

  1. Can we include a mechanism to assess the faculty members who are trained as part of the FDPs so that this will bring in standardization and will be a mode of calibration?

At this point in time, there is no evaluation of faculty members in the FDP program. This can be considered in the future.  

  1. What are the educational objectives of the CSBS Program?

Technical education is at crossroads today. The knowledge industry expects computer science graduates to know not only the core topics of Computer Science but also develop an inherent capacity for liberal arts, innovative mindset, life values and an appreciation of sustainability issues. Emerging topics such as Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, IoT, Analytics etc. need to become part of the curriculum to help students to be future-ready. The need of the age is ‘business engineers’, a breed of engineering talent tuned to the needs of Business 4.0. Apart from appreciating the technologies of the future, these graduates now need to understand the fundamental concepts of business management and have the ‘innovation’ mindset. TCS' designed CSBS Curriculum addresses the above-mentioned needs of current-age engineering education. 

  1. What are the outcomes of the CSBS Program?

The students graduating from the CSBS program will be industry and society ready. They will have the following knowledge / skill and attitude and will be in a position to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of the Indian economy:

  • Understanding of Contemporary Technology
  • Understanding of Technology Abstraction
  • Knowledge of Common Business Principles
  • Business Discipline and Service Orientation
  • Innovation Ability
  • Strong in Ethics and Life Values

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