Here’s how to work from home when your kids need attention

By Anne Gamit, HR Manager at TCS Australia and New Zealand

It has been 6 months since we said goodbye to the office and hello to working from the couch.

Picture this: you + the couch + a cup of coffee = heaven. Working from home doesn’t seem that bad after all, however, this is for all the mums out there that know their equation isn’t that simple. Say goodbye to your couch, and hello to a day of juggling your toddlers, little one or gaggle of kids and work.

Our HR manager, Anne Gamit has your back! She’s been working from home since March with her little sidekick, Isaac who is two years old. We know she’s a super-woman at work and now we’ve got to see this super mum in action. Here we asked her to share her life-saving tips with us.

Anne Gamit_Photo.jpeg

Plan your day like your life depends on it

The beautiful thing about Microsoft Teams, outlook calendar or whatever software your company uses, is that you can see all your meetings and all your breaks between work.

Use this to your advantage as much as possible, if it means scheduling your bathroom breaks, then do it. Having a clear day ahead of you reduces the weight off your shoulder and the frantic mornings where you don’t know what’s going on.

The beauty of working from home is that you can move meetings around the times that fit you or even better, fit in that afternoon workout whilst you take your meeting.

Next time you just need to be outdoors, take your work to the kids playground or to your local park, sometimes all we need is a little Vitamin D.

Sharing some of your super-mum powers

Don’t let anyone fool you, you’re already doing a great job, however in this day and age, sharing the workload of managing your children and day to day schedule is so important. Discuss with your partner when you will need them to take care of your kids and vice versa so that you can manage the workload together!

Keeping your toddlers occupied

We know everyone has a different work schedule, lifestyle and overall work load, and adding your children on top can be overwhelming. Planning for different activities will apply to different age groups.


  • When their naps are 
  • When it’s time to eat 
  • Shows to keep them happy 
  • Short walks out in the sun 

Toddlers through to primary school: 

  • Lunch breaks 
  • Educational activities 
  • TV shows 

Here’s Anne’s list of favourites to keep her son busy whilst she work is: 

  • Favourite sites: ABC Kids 
  • Favourite activities: puzzles, drawing and playing in the backyard 
  • Favourite shows: Animal shows as well as Dave and Ava 
anne gamit photo.jpg

And last but most important tip is: 

Be honest with yourself, your boss and your partner.

You’re not alone. We’re all adjusting to the new normal and sometimes we get it wrong. Some adjust quicker and some adjust better, and that’s ok.

We are living in extremely unprecedented times and luckily so are our bosses. If you need to cancel a meeting, take a day off, have an extended lunch or even have unconventional working hours, now is the time to ask. If you need to ask your partner to stay home and take of the children while you work, that’s ok.

We need to focus on our mental health just as much as our children’s. Happy working and parenting you super-mum :)