Innovation and Business Opportunities for Utilities by Collaborating with the Ecosystem

TCS_EEVE_Downlaod_02V2.jpgIn this study, we discuss opportunities for utilities, the change in their operating model, and technological impact of digital transformation.
• Which organizational model are utilities planning to use to deliver new energy products and services?
• What are the prevailing collaboration models between utilities and their ecosystem?
•What initiatives are utilities adopting to drive new business ideas and solutions from across the ecosystem and internally?

Point of View

Sudheer Warrier, VP and Global Head, TCS Utilities shares his thoughts on how Utilities must work together with their customers and co-create value with their partners. Click Here to read his complete perspective.  


IDC_Report2_icon.jpgBased on the findings of the detailed study conducted across UK and European Utilities, this Infographic provides insights on how eco-system creation and collaborations forms a vital aspect of evolving business models in the utilities sector. To Know More: Download the Infographic

To download the report and read all the key findings,
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