Malaysia Airlines is on a journey to become a digital airline. Having adopted an innovative and highly-strategic approach, the airline has now shifted its entire data center and 200 applications to an industry-first all-cloud model. The results have been outstanding. And TCS has been on the journey as a trusted partner.

Here's the Malaysia Airlines cloud transformation story. 

“We set out with an ambitious goal to digitally transform core IT operations to an as-a-service model, to achieve a quantum leap in cost savings, scalability, efficiencies, agility, and other key factors.”

Tan Kok Meng, CIO

Malaysia Airlines expects a 51% cost reduction in IT over 5 years, productivity improvements of 80% of core applications, faster applications delivery times, and more.

“Malaysia Airlines Moves 80% of IT to Microsoft Azure”

“At Malaysia Airlines innovation is up and costs are down, because the company has more than its planes in the cloud” 

“Excellence in Cloud Transformation” 
Malaysia Airlines and TCS jointly recognised