Across the globe, Utilities are busy rethinking their strategies, go-to-markets, and operating models. As a powerhouse of global economies, the industry is now feeling the heat of the Fourth Industrial Revolution where the digital age is presenting new challenges and opportunities for businesses facing increasingly empowered consumers.

With new demands and expectations, Utilities need to adopt the Business 4.0 mind-set to survive in the new digital economy. The question is: how do they create agile business models and roles that not only meet the needs of today, but also prepare for tomorrow?

To help make sense of it all, TCS and IDC Energy Insights have conducted a study on the Emerging Energy Value Ecosystem in the utilities sector, surveying 120 senior industry executives in 13 countries across Europe and UK, uncovering their vision for the future of the industry.

Emerging New Revenue Streams for Utilities

In this study, we explore the new business models that are available to Utilities, and how they can evolve alongside technology and customer needs. As part of this, it explores European Utilities’ expectations for revenue streams in the next few years, which ones are likely to have the most value, and how business roles will change by 2020

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